For only $60, pull up and have your supplied tires mounted on your car’s wheels. Watch the work being performed by another car enthusiast. Quality service at an incredible price.

  • Removing wheels from vehicle
  • Dismounting old tires
  • Cleaning off rubber residue from the inside of the wheel
  • Mounting your new tires
  • Balancing the wheel and tire for no road vibrations
  • Installing the wheels back on your car and torquing the lug nuts/bolts back to spec

Other Options

  • You provide the wheels and tires already off the car – set of 4 – $45
  • Individual wheel and tire mounting – 2 minimum – $15 each – off car

Additional Services

  • Motorcycle wheels, off bike only, $20 each. Call or email for more information.








Use the from below to query about additional services offered.